Story about Major.

Major Style was popular during the great depression among hobos and ramblers. It was a real quick and cheap shave at the barbershop. Down in the South during the 1920’s when business was slow barbershops would have group deals for the hobos and tramps. For a nickel or in exchange for sweeping the floor they could get a quick shave and an un-styled rectangular “Major” stache. The name comes from the shape and the clientele.

Major® mustache is a symbol of gentleman. The manliness points from the shape is the strong and bold character that represent the commitment of material we used: Good Quality Strong wood. Major® Combs is a handmade comb from Indonesia. We use wood as a raw materials. The simplicity of the design is not a style, it’s an intense focus on getting the basics right with quality. We do care about the detail; comfortable grip, fine weight, and well finished.

Something Special About Major.

Gentle On Hair

Wooden combs are carbon based, just like your hair, skin and scalp.

Naturally Nourishes Hair

Wooden comb more easily distributes natural oils from the scalp throughout the entire hair strand.

Prevents Tangles & Breakage

Metal and plastic combs tend to create tangles toward the end of the stroke, whereas a wooden comb doesn’t.

Great Durability

Wooden combs are strong and durable, often made of bamboo which is very renewable.



Major® provides one-year guarantee that is based on this criterions:
Free one Major® Comb replacement, if the main body is cracking that is caused by a daily usage.

The warranty time is one year. Within warranty period, if under the usage of instruction sheet, and product broken or damage, we will replace it for free or a free repair service. Beside “One-Year” Warranty, we continue to provide life-long maintenance services mainly for the wooden part and some core components.

The warranty card is located on Leather Hangtag that comes with the Major® Wooden Comb, hereby verifies that the product you have purchased is Authentic and Original.

To claim the warranty, you should register your product first.
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